About Domeniul Bogdan Winery

Domeniul Bogdan Winery

How it all began

The main ingredient

We often ask ourselves which is the main ingredient that stands at the base of success. We believe that the answer is PASSION.

Our passion is the grape. That healthy grape telling the story of a nation with an old tradition in producing wine, that pure grape with a sweetness born from a land cultivated with love, that grape it is simply A GRAPE, without “the enhancements” of a new era. It is true that grape is unpredictable and asks for attention in every second, but it also challenges you permanently. The result is worth every effort when you are able to feel wine’s fragrance and taste.

Modern and traditional

There is a way to combine modern with traditional in agriculture, appealing to biodynamic principles. This is why we choose to have a biodynamic vineyard, a generous vine plantation, spread on 153 ha, near Pestera, in Constanta county.

The tradition and respect of the environment coexist here in a modern context, where you can find handmade craft and technical-scientific knowledge leaving in harmony with the entire agricultural ecosystem.

Healthy cultures

You can obtain healthy, strong and balanced culture only in a vital and rich soil.

The Biodynamic Vineyard

Generous vine plantation, on 153 ha


We look after natural soil fertility without using chemical and synthetic products by conserving the biodiversity and soil regeneration, reactivating the agricultural land’s natural cycle. From a microbiological point of view, you can obtain healthy, strong and balanced wine culture only in a vital and rich soil.

The frantic pace of human evolution in the last decades uprooted us from that millennial symbiosis between HUMAN and NATURE, when the agriculture was not only a method of exploited land for production, but a science combined with tradition, in which astral and moon cycles were part of everyday life.

Our vision

Biodynamic agriculture embraces human millennial experience in harmony with nature rhythms toward a healthier life and food, a fact also confirmed by recent research and experiments.

domeniul bogdan winery

In order to obtain a wine which follows the biodynamic principles from all points of view, we decided to build Domeniul Bogdan winery in the area of the vineyard destined to be not only a location designed for vinification, but more a wine sanctuary. Due to the fact that nature itself is the best own architect, at the base of our winery design stands the “gold ratio” principle, present in every aspect of nature.