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After a long journey through the fascinating world of wine, we’ve learned that a good wine secret is captioned in the grape’s fruitiness and healthiness.

Hence our choice of having a biodynamic vineyard, a vine plantation generously spread on 153 hectares, near Peștera village, in Constanța county. Here, the tradition and the respect for the environment are found in a modern context – the manual craftsmanship is combined with the modern equipment usage, which was designed in harmony with nature.

Let’s go back in time when people used to live in harmony with nature’s unwritten laws and rhythms, in their attempt to perceive the secrets of life and decipher the mysteries of the Universe. The direct experience gained through the efforts of understanding the meaning of life, gradually led our ancestors to discover different laws of nature and the “technical resort” (the lunar calendar). This helped people “schedule” this success in fields like medicine, ecological constructions, gardening, agriculture, forestry.

The bio viticulture aims to obtain tasty, healthy and high quality grapes, by “feeding” the soil only with natural fertilizers.

For the bio dynamics followers, the earth is compared as a reflex of what happens in the universe – an idea that came up in Antiquity and has been confirmed by the last half of the past century experiments.

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The Biodynamic Vineyard

“Making good wine is a skill. Making fine wine is an art.”

Robert Mondavi