A different wine: Nature in a glass.

Domeniul Bogdan was born from a dream…the dream of producing a different wine, an exceptional and totally natural wine.

We started our journey in 2011, when we planted our vineyards in Dobrogea, in the well-known wine region of Murfatlar D.O.C., close to Pestera village, a region with tradition in cultivating grapes since antique times.

Where did this initiative come from?

We started from the pleasure of drinking very good and very pure wine, “that doesn’t give you hangover”… Then the study of the different ways of producing wine, while travelling in the fascinating world of wine. In the end, we learned that the secret of a very good wine lies in the very good quality of the grapes.

Hence our choice to cultivate the entire area according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture – the Life forces science, the cultivation system with the most holistic approach, which is also our vision regarding the future of agriculture towards healthy food. This is how the first bio-dynamic wine farm in Romania came into being.

Respect for Life in all its forms is the base of our philosophy: respect for Nature, for the Earth, plants, animals, insects, the environment of the people working on the farm and, last but not the least, of the people who consume our wines.

We are convinced that high quality grapes can be obtained only by observing the principles and rhythms of Nature, this cultivation method allowing the terroir to express itself by developing authentic flavours and by producing wines with character.

Our long-term vision is to integrate sustainable biodynamic agriculture with the latest wine-making technologies in order to achieve our goal: producing an exceptional wine.

healthy crops

Our grapes are certified as organic by the Austria Bio Garantie since 2016.

The vineyards

Our vineyards stretch on over 154 hectares in Dobrogea


Our vineyards stretch on over 154 hectares in Dobrogea, in the well-known vineyard region Murfatlar D.O.C., near the village of Pestera, the area with a tradition in vine cultivation since
antique times, according to archaeological artifacts found in the area. Unique land, between the Danube and the Black Sea, characterized by a continental climate partially attenuated by
the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, with a particularly favourable caloric potential, with permanent air humidity, warm days and cool nights accompanied by the typical breezes of Constanta county.

We cultivate the following grape varieties: Feteasca Neagra, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Otonel, Italian Riesling.

Passion, respect, love

These are the three forces that lead us into our work in the vineyard. Passion for our work, respect for the soil and love for Life in all its forms.

Convinced that the future will be the consequence of today’s commitments, we chose to cultivate our entire surface according to the biodynamic agriculture principles – the Life forces science, this being the best way to obtain vines with a very good vitality, more balanced and healthier, resulting in quality grapes and therefore wines that delight the taste buds.


In this viticulture system, we try to understand Nature, not to submit it; our actions upon the soil and the plants are done in a natural way, in harmony with the principles and rhythms that work in Nature in order to achieve the natural balance of plants, not overproduction and exploitation. We respect the soil that gives life, thus we respect the environment, the people, the animals, the underground water and the air.

Impact upon nature

We do not use any chemical substances (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, etc.) for soil or plants, we stimulate the natural fertility of the soil, the biodiversity in the soil and in the vineyard, we use the monthly calendar, all with one purpose: to obtain grapes of the highest quality, healthy and tasty.

In the cultivation of our vineyards, the viticulture worker’s hand is irreplaceable. The pruning of the vines, as well as the grapes harvesting, are done manually, plant by plant, with a lot of attention to the plants and the soil. In this way we “humanize” viticulture, reduce pollution and obtain high quality fruits.

Our grapes draw their sweetness from a land cultivated with love, are pure and tasty, without the “improvements” brought by the modern era. It is true that these grapes require attention and constantly provoke us, but when you look, smell and taste the wine created from them, you will understand that it is worth every effort.

Domeniul Bogdan grapes are certified as organic by Austria Bio Garantie since 2016 (2-05332-2016).