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About Dobrogea, this blessed place, located between the Danube and the Black Sea, we can proudly say that it has a millennial tradition in viticulture and winemaking, being the first place in the Carpatho - Danubian - Pontic area, where vines grew and wine was made.

Our vineyards are located in the vicinity of the village Pestera enjoys a soil that is rich in humus, starting with chernozem, in the upper part, followed by limestones, sands, clays and others.

The local climate includes certain particularities related to the geographical position, with warm days and cool nights, having a permanent breeze from the Black Sea, which not only offers a good ventilation of the vineyard, but also the mineral character specific to our wines.

What does terroir mean in biodynamic reception?

And since we have entered the term terroir in the equation, perhaps a clarification would be good. From the point of view of the biodynamic vision, the concept means (very simplifying) that:

  • The grapes were obtained by agricultural processes which did not use, in addition to mine copper sulphate, naturally, any synthetic substances. And even less genetically modified organisms. In a word, NOTHING.
  • Our vines grow in a naturally fertilised soil in a balanced ecosystem by preserving the local biodiversity - plants and animals specific to this area live in harmony. The human interventions are limited to specific viticulture practices and to planting different species between the vine rows, to enrich it with the missing nutrients, being incorporated in the soil later, thus fertilising the soil.;
  • The must is transformed into wine only by indigenous yeasts naturally occurring on the grapes, without the use of selected yeasts, enzymes or any other biotechnologies other than the natural ones. Our tanks are made of natural materials like wood or concrete, which “breathe”, allowing micro-oxygenation needed by the yeasts to conclude the natural process to the final product, the WINE.

By applying all of the above, the biodynamic wines express most closely the terroir they come from.