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Wine cellar

Bogdan Field Winery

The Bogdan Domain Wine cellar was inaugurated in 2017, in the south of Romania, in Medgidia, and was designed from the very beginning to bring to our country a unique concept, highly appreciated worldwide – biodynamic viticulture.


Next, we'll give you a presentation of the winery, as we would at the scene, except here it's virtual. From grapes to wine is a complex process in which we put our soul. The stages that grapes go through are assisted by our winemakers, and now we can follow them together:

  1. Reception of grapes it is made in the specially arranged area, where we find the presses, the desciorchinător and the crusher.
    • In the order of entry, of course, they first pass through the Pellenc desiorchinator. It has the ability to extract a good part of the seeds, so that only the grains remain.
    • The beans then fall into the crusher, also Pellenc, which has centrifugal action, which is essential for the fermentation-maceration of red wines.
    • It follows two different manufacturing directions for white wine and for red and rose.
  2. For white wine, the beans are sent to the presses.
    • Here we refer to one of the two Bucher Vaslin, pneumatic, which have a controlled atmosphere in nitrogen, which protects from oxidation throughout the pressure cycle.
    • The must reaches the stainless steel vessels, where fermentation takes place, at controlled temperature.
    • We use Ganimede stainless steel pots of different volumes (5 to 15 thousand liters).
  3. For red wine, the grains are sent to stainless steel vessels (for the vinification of organic wines) or to concrete or wood containers (for the vinification of biodynamic wines) where the fermentation-maceration takes place.
    • We use Taransaud wood buds and NicoVelo's famous concrete tanks (tulip).
  4. We ferment, we mace, we get the wine,which then, partially or entirely, will be matured in oak, for ennoblement. For this, at Domaine Bogdan, we use Romanian and French oak from Transilvania Bois, Taransaud and Seguin Moreau, with different levels of combustion.
  5. Any transvasion, vehicular or even mixing of the must/wine in the making is done with the help of peristaltic pumps Ragazzini, pumps through which the liquid does not come into contact with any mechanical part. They work on the principle of the heart, because every time we do this, we do it from the heart.