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Biodynamic viticulture

At Domeniul Bogdan, we do not use synthetic chemicals (herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, etc.) for soil or plants, we stimulate the natural fertility of the soil, the biodiversity both in the soil and in the vineyard, we use the Moon’s phases calendar, all for one purpose: to obtain the best quality grapes, healthy and tasty.

The hand of the winegrower is irreplaceable when it comes to taking care of our vineyard. The pruning procedures in the vineyard, as well as the grape harvesting, are done manually, plant by plant, with great attention to vines and soil. In this way we "humanize" our viticulture, reduce pollution and obtain high quality fruit.

We use preparations of mineral, plant and animal origin to improve the microbial activity of the soil in favour of the humification process of the organic matter. Our intervention regarding the soil is for improving its effectiveness by rotating crops of legumes between the vines rows - cover crops (useful at the same time to keep the soil aerated, so that it stores water in its depths, to avoid water stress).


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Viticulture at Bogdan Domain