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We, at the Bogdan Domain, have chosen as one of the best specialists in the world to do this for our wines and we have, thus, the honor to work alongside the reputed doctor of agronomist in biodynamics, Leonello Anello and Phillipe Cambie, "Oenologist of the Year 2010"according to Robert Parker

Dr Leonello Anello

The founder of modern biodynamics. A career dedicated to organic farming

Born in 1961 and settled in Tuscany (Italy), Leonello Anello graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Florence with a maximum grade (summa cum laude). He has been working in the field of biodynamic agriculture since 1984 and is the founder of modern biodynamics methods in 1990.

Expert in microbiology and member of the Order of Agronomists of the Region of Residence – Vibo Valentia – since 1993 (when he was appointed by the FIAO as Expert Commissioner for Biological Activities in Agriculture in the Tuscany Region), has carried out and presented over the years numerous scientific studies of profile, both in the framework of the university activities he has supported on a permanent basis (the Universities of Pisa, Bologna and Florence, the Agricultural Institute of San Michele All/Adige) and at the Specialized Congresses in Italy and other countries.

He is a founding member of the Tuscany section and certification inspector of the Demeter Italia Association and an associate member of the Italian Society for Soil Science and of the International Union of Soil Sciences.

He is the international guarantor of the "Vini Biodynamics" certification system, Docent of the Villa Medicea School of Viticulture and Biodynamic Winemaking in Cerreto Guidi and scientifically responsible of the annual Congress "Comparative Scientific Paradigms" of this institution.

Scientific work carried out and published which has led to its recognition includes:

– "Quality perception in Sangiovese: comparison between classical and biodynamic oenology" – research project in collaboration with the University of Florence, Department of Food and Microbiological Sciences and Technologies, presented in 2015 at the 7th Congress of Modern Biodynamic Viticulture at Cerreto Guidi and still under way – which aims to make observations and obtain ten-year analytical results on the dynamics of nutritional elements and copper in the vineyards;

– "Validation of the ex-post system at 8 parameters for certifying the effectiveness of biodynamic wine production" – presented at the 8th Congress of Modern Biodynamic Viticulture in Cerreto Guidi;

Phillipe Cambie

"Oenologist of the year 2010"

according to Robert Parker

If someone were to gather the best winegrowers in the whole world and give them the most valuable and productive vineyard on earth to bring out the best wine that has ever been drunk on this big planet, then, more than likely, Philippe Cambie should be called in as acoach. A former performance rugby player, the famous oenologist is now, as a prestigious French publication calls him, as a "coach of the winemakers".

Philippe Cambie was appointed oenologist of the year 2010 by Robert Parker – who, moreover, awarded him 15 times the score of 100/100 points for wines created under his "wand".

It is considered a veritable "guru" (some newspapers even called it "the leading force") in the châteaunuf-du-Pape region and beyond, and in Romania it is known by the primordial wines (link to the Primordial range) – which it signs at the Bogdan Domain, in Dobrogea (Murfatlar)

"My work is to guide and accompany winegrowers on their own path," is philippe Cambie's profession of faith, the one considered in 2011, in a top made by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, "among the five best oenologists of the year".